As long as you’re looking for what’s wrong…keep an eye out for what’s right

If you’re like many of our clients, you will be surprised to discover you already have many of the elements of sales-effective messaging scattered around your organization – buried in existing content, concealed on random hard drives, or held captive in the minds of your top salespeople.

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G2G helps you uncover this hidden treasure, reposition it for maximum impact, and identify areas requiring new, improved, or updated content:

  • 360-degree Content Evaluations:  A “stem to stern” qualitative assessment of your existing content and messaging against industry recognized best practices for sales-effective content. 
  • Proposal Benchmarking™ and Customer Message Management™:  The CMM Group’s industry-leading methodology for creating and delivering sales-effective selling messages based on customer business roles and goals.
  • Sales Knowledge Strategy:  A needs-based analysis to determine the best way to disseminate your company’s best sales knowledge across your entire organization.