For maximum impact, turn your content inside out

Whether you’re looking to improve the content you already have or starting from scratch with brand new materials, G2G’s content specialists are here to help. 

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We turn the traditional feature/function-based content development process “inside out” by mapping products and services to articulated customer objectives, rather than starting with a feature and inventing a customer pain point for it to solve.  From ad-hoc conversation starters to formal proposals and everything in between, you can expect concise, consistent, and expertly written selling content that puts your features in context – and your best face forward.

  • Custom content for automated sales proposals, RFP knowledge bases, white papers, and statements of work.
  • Customer success story libraries, including case studies, testimonials, and abstracts.
  • Messaging for talk tracks, message maps, solution briefs, and executive overviews to support better customer conversations.
  • Top-of-funnel  web copy, letters, and email templates that resonate throughout  the buying process.